– Home Christmas Tree Computerized Lighting Design

Below are videos of a home Christmas tree programmed by OnKue Productions. When it’s not ‘performing’ any of these songs, the tree has an 11 minute cycle of multiple colors ‘melting’ into each other. On the technical end, we are using an original MidiLite ML-54 system in a 1x3x6 vertical matrix. It’s 6.5′ tall and has six color sets of 250 lights each for a total of 1500 lights. The ‘show’ is run from DP on G4 Mac Mini with a MOTU FastLane USB/MIDI Adapter. An old and inexpensive home-theatre amp sends audio to two speakers and a sub-woofer located under the tree itself. Originally a 1x1x6 single block matrix, the tree was upgraded to a 1x3x6 matrix in 2007.

As happens with these types of projects, the tree has not been on display for the past several Christmas. However, we are hoping it makes a return for 2017. While time probably won’t allow for new songs to be programmed this year, we are hoping to capture new (and better!) video of the existing programming.