About OnKue Productions

New Website (still) in Progress:
Due to unforeseen technical and security issues, we’ve had to rush into production with a new website.  It’s pretty basic right now and a lot of it hasn’t been fully tested, so please be patient with us as we work on the refresh and be sure to report any issues you see by sending us a message using the “Contact Us” link above.

2024 RATES:
While we have very little overhead or material expenses, we do have a “time value” that unfortunately rises along with the costs of just about everything else.  Although we hate to do it, particularly to our non-profit customers, we must occasionally increase our rates in order to maintain proper compensation for our programmers’ time.  We do not foresee an additional increase for 2024, but if there is one, it will not take effect until September 1.  All contracts and agreements made or estimates / quotes accepted in writing prior to this date, as always, locks in the current rates prior to any increases — regardless of show delivery date!

2024 Projects:
Whatever your application, we can help you make your presentation shine!  Got MidiLite? We can get your show programmed and delivered to you remotely from our studio. Contact us now to reserve your spot in our work calendar for 2024!

OnKue Productions specializes in computerized lighting effects design and programming using the MidiLite system. We also provide traditional theatrical lighting consultation and design on a limited basis. Our passion may be lighting, but our experience ranges across all forms of technical production. We were formed in 2001 with a focus on professional audio services including on-site multi-track recordings, post-production editing, and media conversion services. We also have experience in video production and editing as well as graphic design.  Over the years, we phased out work in other areas and now concentrate on MidiLite programming and lighting design work.

OKP provides scalable services ranging from simple consultation, to single-segment programming (i.e., just one production number), to full-show design and programming, and turn-key shows that include tempo mapping, hard click track generation with real recorded counts, and a fully-programmed show.

OKP is headed up by Ed Thomas, a lighting designer at heart with nearly 30 years of experience designing and directing lighting for stage, television, and concerts.  Ed’s musical talents combined with his eye for creativity make him perfect for designing a show that takes full advantage of the dynamics in your orchestrations so that you not only hear the music, but you see it too!

Since 1996, Ed has been working with Castle Studios and Jon Daggett, creator of the MidiLite System, and for 12 years was part of the team that designed and programmed the lighting and visual effects for productions at the historic Thomas Road Baptist Church, including productions like “The Living Christmas Tree.”  He served for several years as the church’s full-time lighting director and image magnification co-director and was the Technical Services Manager for audio/lighting/video needs throughout the ministry.  Since leaving TRBC, Ed has been responsible for the programming and design of lighting (both conventional and with MidiLite) for productions at theaters, churches, and other venues all across the United States and has designed more than 50 different MidiLite productions alone, both large and small.

Working with Ed from time-to-time is a team of freelance associate designers & programmers who each bring their unique style and interpretation to every production.  While Ed is more of a traditionalist when it comes to design and synchronicity, he frequently utilizes the talents of designers that are on the forefront of new approaches in programming and who take full advantage of some of the more exciting tools available in their design work.  Together, this combination of old and new-school design allows us to put together a show that is unique to your production and that truly helps visually represent the artistic vision of your producer, director, musicians, and talent.

Contact us today to discuss how OnKue Productions can help enhance your production.  Interested in our MidiLite services?  There’s an entire page devoted to explaining our process, including price guidelines and how, together, we can get started!