Price Schedule – MidiLite Programming

Price Schedule (as of 9/1/23):

Below is the OKP price schedule that will be in effect from 9/1/2023 until at least 8/31/2024. Some of these rates are flexible, depending on the needs of your project. The “Programming Level” is determined by us based on the direction you have provided and the amount of time required to create your design.  While audio editing and miscellaneous work (if needed) are charged an hourly rate, all programming is done at a flat rate.  To be frank, to program even a simple number requires multiple hours of work and charging hourly for our programming and design would make our service cost prohibitive.

Tempo mapping is charged a standard flat per-song rate, but that rate is ultimately determined by the time required to produce the tempo map.  Modern studio-produced tracks are usually conducted against a conductor track and digitally recorded.  This typically results in consistent tempos (except for dynamics), taking less time to map and thus incurring a lower fee.  Older tracks, tracks originally recorded to tape (i.e., 1″ master recordings, cassette, etc.) and those produced by more traditional conductors or arrangers (i.e., Clydesdale) who resist the use of click tracks, have inherent “drift” and take significantly longer to map, resulting in a higher charge.

2023-2024 OnKue Productions MidiLite Programming Price Schedule
Digital Performer File Creation (if applicable)

Includes creating the file, establishing the master track layout template with assignments, making all chunks, and creating the overall “base workspace.”
May not be required in all cases.

Tempo Map (per song) [base cost]

Actual cost pro-rated based on source material, difficulty, length, and amount of time required.

Audio Editing (per hour, 1 hour min.) $75
Miscellaneous Hourly Work $55
Programming Services (per song):

Level 1: Subtle fades, very few commands, primarily “background”


Level 2: Simple, slow fades, use of graduates, non-distracting


Level 3: Most songs. Average complexity, wipes/pops/etc.


Level 4: More complex than Level 3 or significantly longer than average song


Level 5: Extremely complex & flashy.


The above price schedule is provided as a guide to help you estimate the cost of our programming services. All pricing is subject to change without notice and may vary based on the complexity of your project.  Programming “level” is determined after a number has been completed and is reflective of the amount of time spent on that number and complexity of effects that were created for the particular number. Please contact us to discuss the exact needs of your production.