What software do I need to have to use your services?

In order to use our programming services, you must own a valid license for Digital Performer 7 or greater. We currently use Digital Performer 9 and will need to know in advance of creating your project which version of Digital Performer you will be using. While projects can technically be saved in earlier DP formats, we cannot guarantee they will perform as expected and will not provide support for versions of DP older than DP 7.

Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that you own a valid license for MidiLite Studio so that your show can take full advantage of the more advanced design options available outside of the classic MidiLite commands.  We need to know in advance if you do not have a valid MidiLite Studio license so that we can avoid using those design options.  Licenses are $199.95 and run September 1 through August 31.  These licenses must be obtained from Castle Studios / MidiLite.