Do I have to own MidiLite Studio to use your services?

In theory, no. MidiLite Studio is a multi-facet application that includes the MLsim, MLdesign, and other pieces needed for simulation of your structure and the creation/uploading of design pages to the racks. If you do not own MidiLite Studio, please inform us of this before we begin programming. While this will reduce the design capabilities of your show (we won’t be able to use userpages, superpages, etc.), we are trained in what we call “MidiLite Classic” and can still program your show using traditional designs that were common before the creation of these features. Alternatively, you can contact Castle Studios / MidiLite directly ask if they will permit you a temporary license for uploading user data from us into your frames. Again, this is something that needs to be discussed and worked out before programming begins.