Programming Questions:

Can you train me to program MidiLite?

No, we do not currently offer any training services, although, even if you are not one of our customers, we are available to help answer any simple questions. Just drop us an email. For more hands-on assistance, visit us at the annual MidiLite Programmers Workshop.

Are you available to program on-location?

In most cases, the answer is “No.” Unfortunately, due to scheduling and other commitments, neither Ed nor members of the OKP team are available to travel to your site to program your show. However, thanks to the MidiLite Studio (MLsim) software, on-location programming is no longer necessary! We can design and program your show from our production studios in Virginia!

Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! Remember, our goal is to enhance YOUR production. Because we want to be a part of your vision, we not only accept programming requests, but we encourage it! If it is at all possible, we will make every effort to fulfill your special programming requests.

Can you program my incidentals or aux channels?

The official answer is “No.” Because auxiliary channels can literally be almost anything, it is not possible to create a simulator for these channels. Unofficially, we can drop in certain auxiliary programming commands if enough information is provided. For example, if you write in the music that “channel 87 on frame 1 needs to come on at measure 46 for the duration of the song,” we will add that command for you.

Will you also program our star (for Christmas Tree productions)?

This will depend on what type of star you have. Complex multi-channel stars cannot be programmed remotely as we currently do not have a simulator solution available. However, single channel stars that merely come on and go off can be programmed into your files, provided you tell us which channel and frame the star will be using. Star programming is relatively easy, though, and it’s a great way for your first-time programmers to get their feet wet and be a part of the design of your show while leaving the more complex stuff to us.

Software Questions:

Do I have to own MidiLite Studio to use your services?

In theory, no. MidiLite Studio is a multi-facet application that includes the MLsim, MLdesign, and other pieces needed for simulation of your structure and the creation/uploading of design pages to the racks. If you do not own MidiLite Studio, please inform us of this before we begin programming. While this will reduce the design capabilities of your show (we won’t be able to use userpages, superpages, etc.), we are trained in what we call “MidiLite Classic” and can still program your show using traditional designs that were common before the creation of these features. Alternatively, you can contact Castle Studios / MidiLite directly ask if they will permit you a temporary license for uploading user data from us into your frames. Again, this is something that needs to be discussed and worked out before programming begins.

What software do I need to have to use your services?

In order to use our programming services, you must own a valid license for Digital Performer 7 or greater. We currently use Digital Performer 9 and will need to know in advance of creating your project which version of Digital Performer you will be using. While projects can technically be saved in earlier DP formats, we cannot guarantee they will perform as expected and will not provide support for versions of DP older than DP 7.

Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that you own a valid license for MidiLite Studio so that your show can take full advantage of the more advanced design options available outside of the classic MidiLite commands.  We need to know in advance if you do not have a valid MidiLite Studio license so that we can avoid using those design options.  Licenses are $199.95 and run September 1 through August 31.  These licenses must be obtained from Castle Studios / MidiLite.

Can I buy any required software from OnKue Productions directly?

No. Digital Performer can be purchased directly from Mark of the Unicorn, or from other professional audio/video retailers. We recommend B&H Photo/Video (cannot place orders during Shabbat or Jewish holidays) and Sweetwater Sound. If purchasing from Sweetwater, please call Paul Allen at 1-800-222-4700 extension 1318 and tell him that Ed Thomas at OnKue Productions sent you! No, you won’t receive any special discount for doing so, but we would surely appreciate the referral.

As for MidiLite Studio, we no longer sell MidiLite products or software. You will need to contact Castle Studios / MidiLite directly to obtain a license. The license is $199.95 per year and runs from September 1 to August 31.

Billing Questions:

What methods of payment does OnKue Productions accept?

We currently accept payment via business-check or cashier’s check only. Business checks must be written against a legitimate corporate or non-profit entity’s operating checking account. Due to increases in transaction fees and the number of states prohibiting credit surcharge fees, we no longer accept payments credit card. PayPal and cash payments are not accepted. Transactions are considered performed within the Commonwealth of Virginia. As such, there will be a $35 returned check fee, as well as recovery of any bank fees incurred by OnKue Productions as a result of a returned check, where allowed by law of the Commonwealth.

What are the payment terms?

Printed invoices are provided upon completion of the project. They will be delivered electronically and (when applicable) a printed copy will be included in the package you will receive that contains your original materials and finished program data disc(s) or flash drive. All invoices are billed with “NET 15” terms. Again, our terms are “Net 15,” and not “Net 30.” We do not currently offer any early-payment discounts. Additional penalties may be applied to any accounts which are unsettled by the 15th day after receipt of the invoice. For projects completed in late December, OKP will request payment sooner so that the check date falls within the same calendar (taxable) year. This will only be a request and OKP will always honor the Net 15 terms of the invoice.

What tax documents do I need to request from you?

That is a question for your accountant, controller, C.P.A., or other individual familiar with your specific financial and tax situations.  OnKue Productions will provide a completed W9 upon request only for invoices in excess of $600.

Other Questions:

What is MidiLite?

With the exception of our theatrical lighting clients, if this is a question you have, chances are you have stumbled onto the wrong website! If you would like more information on the MidiLite Computerized Lighting Effects System, please visit their website.

Can we fly you out to help us solve a technical problem?

Most problems can be solved via email or phone support. Our schedule does not often permit us to accept traveling requests, but should a situation arise where traveling is an option, it should be limited to no more than two nights, the customer should provide a per diem to cover meals and expenses, and the customer must also arrange and pay for (or reimburse) all travel and lodging expenses (Hilton or IHG properties only, please). Private lodging (i.e., missionary housing, a “host” family, AirBNB, etc.) is not acceptable.

Can I purchase MidiLite systems or accessories through OnKue Productions?

While we whole-heartedly stand-by and support the MidiLite system, OKP no longer sells any MidiLite products or software. This decision was made simply out of a need to simplify our operations and focus exclusively on programming and design. Please contact Castle Studios / MidiLite directly via their website to inquire about purchasing their products or software.

Do we have to mention Ed Thomas or OnKue Productions in our program or bulletin?

While it would be greatly appreciated, it is not a requirement. We operate as a vendor and therefore, payment is all that we expect. Any program credit is strictly at the customers discretion. **Should you decide to include us in your program, please kindly send us a copy for our collection.